Welcome to my space.

I am an individual with a passion for creativity, a lover of nature, adventure and the outdoors. A hedonist, described by a friend.

We all have 24 hours of life each day, it is these 24 hours that define who we are. Watch the sunrise, walk in nature, eat healthy and exercise regularly. The world is full of beautiful souls, if your lucky enough you might find a few souls that will help you grow.  The sea is my escape, whatever I face in life, the sea makes me realise how tiny me and my issues are. The Ocean brings life into perspective, it shows you how vulnerable we are, I want to be in places that scare me, being in the sea makes me vulnerable and appreciate the magic of life, it makes me feel human, alive.  

Photography was always a medium that inspired me, through my photography I enjoy capturing my view of life and my surroundings. My photography started when I received my first DSLR camera as a graduation gift from my parents, a Nikon D80, back in 2006.

Natural Wedding photography is how I tag my wedding perspective. I capture weddings naturally, making the best use of natural light and candid emotions. Through my years I have worked with some great couples and established real estate companies, capturing some great images.

I am a father of two, my oldest Chloe and my little dude Lenny. Hooked to outdoor sports, started kiteboarding in 2003 and when the wind stops, I am enjoying the outdoors with my family, mountain biking, camping or planning my next trip.

Go, explore, discover, travel, meet great people, create memories.

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