A photography lighting guide


It was an important choice, you liked my photos, made a booking, paid your deposit now waiting for your big day. I don't want to dictate the timeline of your wedding day, but I’d love to share some tips to help you plan and get the best out of your day.

I am the photographer and I do understand that I will need to educate my clients on best practices for light. Setting is crucial in order for me to achieve great images that I ought to capture. After all, you have hired me for my specific style and vision, if I don’t communicate what I need in order to achieve these, my job is made much harder on the day. Since you are trusting me to create the best images, its my job to help you create the setting for this to happen.

Photography is a game of light and that’s why I love it. It is too often overlooked and its importance very much underestimated by the bride and groom. I’m a natural light photographer and I embrace gorgeous natural light, incorporating flash only during the reception, dance floor photos. I want to capture your day in the most authentic way possible hence a little preparation can make a huge difference in the end result of your photos.

At the bride & groom - preparation shots

Preparation shots are a good way to start the narrative of your wedding day. So many really great moments are happening, good lighting helps to capture them in a more elegant way. Daylight from windows is the light I use for this, choosing a room is crucial. Whether it’s in your home or at a hotel, a room with plenty of space and natural light will make for the best getting ready photos. If you don't have this option at home, getting ready in a spacious hotel room with all your team might be a good idea.

Ideally the preparation room will have windows and enough natural light, light walls (Ideally white) for lots of reflective light. Avoid small dark rooms with lots of clutter, unfortunately I am no magician and I would not be able to remove the clutter from my photos.

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The venue

Again at the venue light plays a major role in the end result, there are so many variables here and lighting varies from venue to venue. I always suggest warm light and lots of light. When choosing the venue lighting should be a big consideration, if the venue is dark I would not be able to capture the true atmosphere, like all photographers we will need to rely on flash and this tends to alter the reality of the feeling. Adding neutral coloured lighting will help achieve the best end result, fairy lights are ideal for garden areas and to give a warm feeling. Avoid coloured lighting, DJ lights and harsh warm colours (red, green, purple) will result in colours all over your white dress and your guests, let’s keep it neutral.

These are only guidelines towards achieving epic results, you have chosen my style and I wish to deliver what you would like delivered. Great photos don’t just happen :)